OpenWeb has introduced a new range of products for the heavier Internet user. Home Uncapped PLUS was designed for users who enjoy downloading, gaming and streaming.
OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says Home Uncapped PLUS fills the gap between the cheap uncapped accounts and the Premium Uncapped accounts. “The market is flooded with cheap Uncapped ADSL products that were made for users who mainly browse and e-mail.
“When we design a product, we take into account when specific users mainly use their accounts. In this instance, it was overwhelmingly after hours. More specifically, it fits into the following time slots – weekdays 19:00 to 07:00 and all weekend,” he explains.
As a result, OpenWeb has placed a special focus on the afterhours time slot, giving its Home Uncapped PLUS clients priority during these times which will allow them to download, stream and game without worry.
Home Uncapped PLUS packages range from R129 for 1Mbps to R999 for 20Mbps.