Kero, the largest retailer in Angola, is equipping its major stores with Ingenico smart terminals.
“The retail sector in Angola is growing exponentially and so is becoming the demand.” comments Isabel Capacho, marketing director of Kero. “We are aiming at an irreproachable quality. From good offering to check-out, we must offer the best at every level, including payment experience. We chose Ingenico Group solution as it was able to adapt to our environment and deliver precisely what we needed.”
All of Kero stores are equipped with a network of Ingenico PIN Pads IPP320, each of them connected to the electronic cashier register. With this solution, error management decreased and check-out time got simplified and shortened. Besides, this centralized integration allows Kero to benefits from transaction reconciliation and business inputs. The mid-term objective is to enhance the consumers’ experience by adding loyalty programmes and promotional offerings.
“Ingenico Group, through its partner PLANAD, has been the leading player of the Payment Industry in Angola for almost 10 years,” says Luciano Cavazzana, Eastern Europe & Africa MD at Ingenico Group. “With the emergence of the retail sector, we are pleased to support Kero to enhance the consumer experience through a seamless payment flow. Speed, security and reliability have been our main focus to ensure the success of this project.”