Remote video alarm monitoring and management specialist TeleEye SA has developed a mountain fire detection solution that can detect a fire as small as one square metre from up to five kilometres away. The solution uses state-of-the-art Flir Systems thermal imaging cameras and Ngaro advanced video analytics to cover eight hectares per CCTV camera.
“The Watchman fire detection solution available from TeleEye SA has been specifically designed to prevent critical scenarios involving areas of high ecological value and can also be used for crime prevention in mountain areas,” said Philip Smerkovitz, MD of TeleEye SA.
“The tourism value of an additional, dual purpose camera deployment in the Table Mountain National Park would be enormous,” adds Smerkovitz.
“With the fynbos that covers much of the Table Mountain National Park being known for its exceptional degree of biodiversity, it’s doubtful one could find an area of higher ecological value worthy of protection using the most up to date thermal CCTV technology available anywhere,” Smerkovitz says.
The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of only six floristic kingdoms in the world. It is also the smallest and richest per unit of area, according to Wikipedia.
TeleEye SA is a distributor of FLIR Systems CCTV cameras that use thermal imaging technology to detect variations in temperature and radiation. Importantly, video analytic algorithms ensure that the false alarm rate is minimised to below one percent of incidents which helps reduce personnel costs while offering the highest level of protection.
TeleEye South Africa is a local division of TeleEye Hong Kong and has many years of experience in securing remote sites with real-time monitoring technology.
One of these is the part Google-owned Jasper solar plant in the Karoo where TeleEye SA provided a complete perimeter surveillance solution consisting of thermal cameras, optical cameras, video analytics and alarm management systems.
TeleEye solutions deliver very accurate optics and image quality along with robustness and precision detection which is an important factor in the harsh environment of the sites they monitor. The solutions allow for monitoring day and night and are able to see in either the bright sunlight or cloudy and misty conditions that are a feature of heritage sights such as the Table Mountain National Park.