Members of the MTN South Africa executive team has met with a delegation from the Freedom Front Plus to discuss customer queries that the Freedom Front Plus had pledged to pursue with the National Consumer Commission (NCC) on behalf of MTN customers.
The issues discussed included the importance of customer education on data usage, billing and improvement of customer service.
The Freedom Front Plus submitted to MTN all customer complaints that they have received for investigation and resolution.
Eddie Moyce, chief customer experience officer, says the engagement is indicative of MTN’s openness to engage with its stakeholders on any issues of industry and national interest, and it is a testament of how civil society and the private sector can rally together towards a common objective.
“During the meeting, it quickly transpired that both MTN and the Freedom Front Plus have a common goal of improving customer experience and ensuring that mobile subscribers have a pleasant and seamless experience when they interact with the operators, including MTN. MTN welcomes and embraces consumer activism as it helps to improve customer service, keeps us on our toes and help us to entrench customer-centric ethos throughout the business. We are pleased that we had this engagement and the feedback we received from this meeting has certainly been valuable.”
Moyce says MTN has undertaken to prioritise the issues discussed and speedily introduce mitigating interventions in a bid to improve customer experience.
“This undertaking is part of our strategic intent of making the customer central to everything we do and forms part of our quest to offer a distinct customer experience. We are working around the clock to ensure that these words do not ring hollow, but instead becomes the attributes that our customers can relate to and associate with the MTN brand,” Moyce adds.