Innovations in nearly every sector are setting the stage for technology market growth and even more rapid change in 2016. Shifts in global technology manufacturing trends and processes — with an even greater emphasis on the manufacturing powerhouse of China — will drive the global technology industry to even greater heights in the coming New Year, according to a new white paper from IHS.

For the white paper, IHS Technology queried its leading experts, who represent a host of technology industry segments: displays, consumer devices, telecommunications, semiconductors, connected networks, medical technology, entertainment, media, advertising, automotive and others. These analysts were asked to provide their informed prognostications about what to watch for in the global technology market in the coming year.

The wide-ranging technology topics and 2016 IHS Technology analyst predictions covered in this report are as follows:

* Displays – Thinner, lighter, flexible displays lead the charge

* Wearable devices – A supersonic boom in wireless earbuds

* Mobile networks – 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) connectivity standards gain traction; and LTE network sales slow

* Sensors – Ultrasonic sensors boost security; China leads the way in gas sensor adoption; and ensors provide an extra level of protection for athletes

* Cloud computing – Data mining strikes gold with predictive analytics; and virtualised and cloud security take centre stage

* Semiconductors – Semiconductor consolidation continues; Chinese companies intensify push for technology acquisitions; and China semiconductor manufacturing investment creates crisis

* Medical Technology – The Internet of (Medical) Things

* Connected home – Intelligent interconnectivity enables connected devices; the other half of the world connects to the grid; and China begins to design its own destiny

* The Global Internet – China pushes cyber conflict with the West

* Media entertainment – Content owners cut the cord; and virtual reality becomes reality

* Advertising – The Internet of (Marketing) Things

* Automotive intelligence – Connectivity and autonomy accelerate into 2016

* Solar – Global agreements light the way for renewable energy

* Network Virtualisation – Ten large operators will use SDN and NFV to offer new managed services