Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the availability of WD’s latest redesigned My Passport drives to the local market. The WD My Passport Ultra offers capacities up to 3 Terabytes (TB) and is also available in a range of new colours and designs to suit the needs of all trendy users.
“Storage devices are an essential element for all users, allowing you to save documents, photos, videos and more and take this content with you wherever you go. It enables you to store large files that take up space on your PC or notebook, or backup important digital content with an easy, convenient and compact device.  These new and improved drives allow you to choose a device that suits your style while still offering great capacity for all your electronic content. Furthermore, these redesigned portable hard drives match your every mood and complement your style with the option of Classic Black, Brilliant White, Wild Berry and Noble Blue,” says Michael Watts, product specialist at DCC.
The WD My Passport drives feature Trust My Passport Ultra software, ensuring your memories and confidential files remain secure. An optional password can be set to activate encryption software and add an extra layer of security for all your private files. Ensuring all your memories and documents are backed up has never been easier. With WD Backup, a backup schedule can be set which will automatically backup all your files and folders when it suits you. For extra peace of mind, the backup can also be synchronised with your Dropbox account.
The latest iteration of WD’s My Passport drives feature a sleek design, ideally suited for notebooks, compatible smartphones and tablets while USB 3.0 connectivity ensures super-fast access to all your documents. Keep your drive in your control with WD Drive Utilities which allow users to run diagnostics, erase and format the drive and more.
“Users are taking a number of photos and videos on a daily basis. Wherever we go, images to save memories are taken and stored to view and share. WD’s My Passport drives with capacities up to 3TB is now allowing users to save all their digital content including special memories on one device. Furthermore, key features such as automatic backup and hardware encryption will ensure this content remains safe for years to come,” concludes Naicker.
The WD Grip Pack – an optional accessory – is also available in a variety of colours and is a band that encircles the drive for extra personalisation and protection.
The WD My Passport Ultra drives are distributed by DCC and available immediately from resellers and select retail outlets for a recommended retail price of between R900.00 and R2900.