Data security solutions supplier Gemalto has appointed IndigoCube as a partner in the Southern Africa region.
The two companies will kick off their collaboration with a joint Data Security Summit on 3 March at the Radisson Blue Gautrain Hotel in Johannesburg.
“Data security is a hot topic in a business environment that increasingly relies on data to meet customer expectations and develop new products and services, and that is under ceaseless cyber-attack,” says Godfrey Kutumela, head: security division at IndigoCube. “We are delighted to be partnering with one of the globe’s leading companies in this field to bring a new generation of dynamic security to South African business.”
Gemalto purchased SafeNet, a leader in data and software protection, in 2014 to complement its digital services suite of offerings. Gemalto’s security offerings fall into two broad categories: user authentication and encryption.
Kutumela says that the challenge of data security is particularly acute in today’s increasingly open business environment, in which applications often developed by third parties are increasingly important as a way to take goods and services to market.
“The emphasis has to shift to authenticating users and securing the databases themselves, and here Gemalto’s tools are critical,” he says. “A particular focus will be SAP, where the database cannot simply be encrypted. Gemalto’s unique ability to tokenise the data instead of encrypting it offers a way to properly secure data held in SAP systems.”
Laurence Elbana, Channel Manager for Middle East & Africa at Gemalto agrees, saying, “South Africa’s large installed base of SAP presents a distinct opportunity for Gemalto. Teaming with application security specialist like IndigoCube opens up exciting opportunities to help these companies protect their data assets without affecting the flexibility and performance they expect from SAP.”