Customers of Tarsus Cloud On Demand, local cloud distributor and hybrid cloud enablement partner, will now be able to take advantage of the recently announced release of the new Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP). The Arcserve UDP offering will allow customers to tap into a solution that delivers continuous availability and simplicity from within a multi-platform.
With backup and recovery rapidly gaining traction as a key service for businesses to move to the cloud, the use of Arcserve UDP will enable customers to dramatically reduce recovery time and in turn leverage continuous availability, instant recovery and replication across cloud, virtual and physical environments.
“Customers want cloud solutions that are merely an extension of their IT strategy, this means that they want technologies that simplify the cloud experience while offering the ‘safety’ of traditional systems,” says Jonathan Kropf, CEO of Tarsus Cloud On Demand. “We have been the local distributor of Arcserve since 2015 and have seen customers benefit greatly from using it in their hybrid cloud environments.
“Now with the new release of UDP, Arcserve literally reimagines data protection with Linux and Windows-focused support, wizard-driven setup and faster, more flexible recovery options; accelerates partner revenue opportunities.”
According to Arcserve, the UDP solution already encompasses global source-side deduplication and automated disaster recovery testing, but has now introduced significant advancements in data protection for Linux environments, instant VM recovery and instant Bare Metal recovery, unified installation and enhancements for third party integration.
Significant feature enhancements include: wizard-driven, single installation setup; faster, more flexible recovery options with enterprise storage array snapshot integration, instant VM recovery, and instant Bare Metal Restore. With regards to the extension of Linux support, customers can now leverage file/folder level recovery of Linux VMs backed up via agentless, host-based backups on vSphere and Hyper-V hosts, infinite incremental backup, and much more.
Furthermore the data protection advancements for Windows, includes Exchange granular recovery for non-email items without needing to restore the entire mailbox store, Windows 10 support and more. Customers can also now use management authority with role-based administration, reboot-less Windows Agent deployment and a new Command Line Interface (CLI); as well as Unified Tape Management module to manage the scheduling, monitoring and migration of recovery points to tape – directly from within the UDP console.
All capabilities will be available across the Arcserve UDP portfolio of solutions, making it ideal for DRaaS, SMBs, mid-market and decentralised enterprises.
“DRaaS is most certainly a key cloud drive for local customers and I believe that with the new extended capabilities of UDP, customers will be able to take advantage of a reduction in data size at a lower cost, all couple with superior protection for their information assets,” Kropf adds.