Tarsus SecureData has signed up the southern African value-added distribution for Vectra Networks, which specialises in identifying and predicting security threats on the corporate network through packet inspection based on big data analytics.

Tarsus SecureData will help Vectra Networks to build a strong presence in the region by partnering with the reseller channel to implement Vectra’s automated realtime threat management platform at medium and large enterprises.

Vectra is one of the rising stars in the information security landscape. In 2015, Gartner named Vectra a “Cool Vendor in Security Intelligence” for addressing the challenges of post-breach threat detection. The company has gained a significant number of awards and industry distinctions, including recently earning the number four position on Forbes’ “Hottest Cybersecurity Companies” list.

Vectra’s software provides realtime detection of all phases of an ongoing cyberattack. Its solutions use data science, machine learning and network behavioural analysis to detect attacks on every device, application and operating system connected to the corporate network.

The software automatically prioritises attacks that pose the greatest business risk, enabling organisations to quickly make decisions on where to focus their time and resources.

It is able to help organisations guard against the zero-day vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats and even breaches originating or culminating in devices outside the network, or part of the Internet of Things.

“We’re delighted to partner with Tarsus SecureData to launch Vectra in southern Africa,” says Gérard Bauer, vice-president: EMEA at Vectra Networks. “Targeted and insider threats currently take in excess of 200 days to be identified inside enterprise networks, are forcing security leaders to re-asses their security approach, and is exactly where Vectra provides our innovative solution.”

Carlo Venter, CEO of Tarsus SecureData, adds: “Vectra Networks is redefining security with a software platform that instantly identifies cyberattacks while they are happening, as well as what the attacker is doing. Partnering with the company enables us to give end-users access to a next-generation automated threat management solution while creating new opportunities for our resellers to drive profitability and growth.

“Today’s most sophisticated cyber-attacks easily get past the strongest perimeter defence solutions, making Vectra the hottest security solution available today. Considering that the company has achieved strong financial and sales performance in Europe and the US, we expect it to enjoy great traction in our market, too.”