TomTom is launching TomTom Bridge, offering a flexible and innovative platform to integrate the TomTom technology into the business.
The TomTom Bridge helps businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles take control and get there faster with the latest TomTom Maps and TomTom Traffic technology, using realtime traffic data that allows drivers to navigate around traffic to achieve their efficiency goals.
For the first time in South Africa, businesses can develop applications powered by TomTom navigation technology, to help businesses increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and gain a greater level of insight through the use of a single device.
The rugged, industrial design, seven-inch screen, interface, and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, tailor-made for drivers, includes lifetime TomTom Maps and TomTom Traffic updates.
TomTom Bridge lets companies equip their fleets with best-in-class navigation, a fully customizable interface, wireless connectivity on the road, real-time customer alert capabilities, accurate routing for drivers and a world-class rugged design.  It offers features such as Near-Field Communications (NFC), camera (5MP), WiFi and a 3G modem.
“The TomTom Bridge platform, for developers, enables businesses to easily integrate their own business applications or easily create their own branded services that seamlessly connect to TomTom technology, creating a more comprehensive solution, wherever your business takes you,” says Etienne Louw, MD of TomTom South Africa.  “The TomTom Bridge is designed for businesses on the move, keeping in mind the unique requirements and demands that day-to-day operations present, providing a solution through the use of one of the world’s most reliable and robust fleet management platforms, saving lives, time and money.”
For the official launch, the TomTom Bridge will be bundled with the SunStream Plus, a mobile electricity solution developed for smartphones and tablets by World Panel. The SunStream Plus represents the newest in a line of rugged, highly efficient mobile electricity devices developed by World Panel, which introduced its SunStream device for feature phones in 2015.
“The TomTom/World Panel bundle will enable users to stream energy from the sun directly into their Bridge device, allowing them to get the most out of the technology, especially during long days on the road when energy is not available,” says Hennie Botha, World Panel’s MD for South Africa.