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Huawei and Deutsche Telekom showed world’s first 5G E2E network slicing demo on the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The joint demo was conducted in Deutsche Telekom’s 5G:haus lab based in Bonn, Germany, and aims to validate network slicing technology, which can create network slice on demand in each given application scenario with high flexibility and efficiency for the future-coming diversity 5G applications.
The 5G E2E network slicing implementation, based on Huawei’s service oriented architecture, has been designed to enable end-to-end network slicing through basic core network modularization and control plane/user plane separation. The core network and RAN interface are specified and implemented to support real end-to-end network slicing. For slice lifecycle management and slice monitoring, a slice manager to both the RAN and CN has been produced.
The joint demo shows the potential of the innovation of “one physical network, multiple industry service” and the flexibility and efficiency of 5G network architecture, which is one of the key enablers of business’ successful collaboration with leading partners.
“Huawei is investing in tremendous innovation efforts into 5G key enabling technology,” said David Wang, president of Huawei Wireless Network. “5G network slicing can enable a unified physical network infrastructure to support multiple industry services, including mobile broadband and vertical sectors. We will devote more effort to transforming the advanced innovation technologies into the best user experience for our customers.”
“Network Slicing is envisioned for 5G in order to provide an efficient enablement of the highly versatile network characteristics that will be required to connect different industries, as well as the mass mobile broadband-like connectivity that our customers will demand,” adds Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, chief technology officer of Deutsche Telekom. “We show that these capabilities can be provided as on-demand network services for diverging use cases.”
Deutsche Telekom and Huawei collaborate in joint innovation and testing 5G system technologies, including air-interface and network architecture. Due to its six years’ of experience on 5G R&D, Huawei has achieved a wealth of experience in research and field tests. Huawei will team up with more partners in the industry to build the emerging 5G ecosystem and push forward the development of 5G.