Lexmark South Africa has launched its new Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) App, an intuitive mobile application which leverages Lexmark technology to empower businesses to revolutionise their recycling processes.
Customers who sign up to the LCCP and agree to return their printer cartridges directly to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling will benefit by being able to purchase Return Program Cartridges which are sold at a discount on the regular price. Also available are Lexmark Corporate Cartridges, the company’s most sustainable line of cartridges, containing up to 90% reused components.
“The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) empowers businesses to save time and money through the streamlining of their recycling processes, while also helping them to better contribute to the building of a circular economy through the reuse and recycling of these materials. By innovating and improving our customers recycling process through the introduction of our new LCCP App, we can create tangible benefits for businesses, customers and the environment,” said Nathan Nayagar, Managing Director for Lexmark – South Africa & English Speaking Africa.
The new LCCP App supports Lexmark’s pioneering LCCP recycling initiative that, since 1991 has been providing free return methods for printer cartridges which enable the reuse or recycling of components and parts while adhering to a zero landfill and incineration policy.
The mobile device application, available for Android and iOS platforms, is designed to facilitate the registration process for Lexmark customers wishing to take advantage of the LCCP program and have their cartridges collected for reuse and recycling. Once registered customers can use the app to order recycling containers for their premises and also to scan a QR code on these to request a free collection.
Users of the app will be able to reduce significantly the request time for ordering a collection or requesting additional containers from an average of six minutes to one minute. Coupling this with an improved customer onboarding experience the app is expected to drive conversion of existing web customers as well as to encourage new LCCP registrations.
By simplifying the cartridge collection procedure, the LCCP enables businesses to improve the recycling experience, while helping them to contribute to the building of the circular economy through the reuse of cartridge content, with 92 percent of Lexmark’s cartridge line containing post-consumer recycled material.
The LCCP Mobile App is available in English, French and German versions and can be used by Lexmark customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa.