Nashua has launched two new content management systems – Docuware and NashuaDocs. The launch further entrenches the powerful partnership between Nashua and Ricoh International and their shared dedication to transforming business processes and improving their customers’ business environments.
Both Docuware and NashuaDocsare intuitive information management systems that help organisations gain control over company information and data, through the digitisation of paper files and automation of internal business processes. The customisable, modular solutions are designed for fast content retrieval, optimised business processes and enhanced efficiency.
This, in turn, reduces the amount of time spent searching for, copying, printing and labelling documents by simplifying document-related tasks in the office space. This equips employees with the right information whenever they need it and alleviated admin-related tasks so they can focus on the things that matter.
Between the two solutions, Nashua can now offer customers a tailor-made and scalable solution to fit their organisation’s current and future requirements.
As the products are rolled out through the extensive network of Nashua franchises, customers can implement the new software through a dedicated Nashua consultant, and convert documents into what they really are – valuable information that builds capital.
Nashua is so confident in its partnerships and products, the company is implementing the software themselves internally, to drive further efficiencies.
“Where information previously existed in silos – and in physical and digital formats – it can now be completely integrated through the use of structured information systems,” says Nashua CEO, Mark Taylor. “Imagine being able to search for an invoice and having the related paper trail easily accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – it makes workflow seamless and boosts productivity.”