By Mark Davison at EMC in London – Always a dominant player in the primary storage arena, EMC executives believe that it’s new all-flash strategy will translate into even more market share gains.
Traditionally, EMC’s market share has consistently hovered in the mid-30% range, but key executives believe the new Vmax platform and the DSSD D5 announced at its Quantum Leap launch in London yesterday will translate into a quantum leap in market share too.
“According to IDC, EMC currently has 39% market share,” Jeremy Burton, president of Products and Marketing at EMC, said during his keynote. “But by adopting an all-flash strategy, we are looking at well over 50% market share over the next few years.”
But according to Michael Wing, senior vice-president of Primary Storage at EMC, Burton’s figures could be a little conservative.
“Historically, we’ve been in the 30% market share area for a number of years,” Wing admits. “But now we’re going to take this game-changing platform and take this to 70%. There is enormous potential for growth with both Vmax All Flash and D5. I have little doubt that we can take market share away from our competitors – there is no-one else that comes close to what we’re launching today.
“Today isn’t just a quantum leap for EMC,” says Wing. “It is a total game-changer.”