Customers don’t mind going into their bank branch, as long as they can determine the time – and don’t have to wait.
Results from a survey of more than 1 000 consumers showed that 83% of banking consumers are willing to go to their bank on a weekday if they were offered a guaranteed time. For millennials, this number jumped to 86%.
Digital appointment booking puts the customer in control, they decide the why or what they would need help with on the day, the when, which date and time fits their schedule and where, which branch location is most convenient for them, says Jenni Palocsik, director of solutions marketing at Verint Systems.
Palocsik says appointments are really the norm in most businesses today. “From Apple stores to urgent care facilities, people are no longer willing to wait several minutes, or even an hour, for service. Customers expect to be able to select the most convenient day, time and location to get the service they desire. They want to be in control.
“And as more and more banking consumers use smartphone apps for simple transactions and upfront research, financial institutions need to encourage branch visits for those who prefer to conduct some of their financial transactions in person or perhaps have online security concerns. For some customers, the added convenience of an appointment enhances the customer experience,” she says.
Palocsik says that, with workforce management, banks can forecast demand and schedule employees based on the unique needs of each branch location and its customers. When combined with digital appointment booking, the bank can determine which employees with which skills are available and then schedule the employee with the right expertise to assist.
“When appointments are scheduled in advance, banking staff has time to prepare in advance and can deliver a higher-quality experience to help strengthen customer relationships and ultimately increase sales revenue. It’s how you use the technologies together that can provide your bank with a distinct advantage,” says Palocsik.
She says getting customers into the branch is challenging enough, so it is important to make it easier to have high-value, in-branch discussions at their convenience by putting the customer in control.
“Don’t miss the opportunity to schedule a time to get them to come into your branch to meet with your employees. Even a casual browser can be turned into an engaged customer, if you make it easy,” concludes Palocsik.