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A new 1080p Full HD laser projector is Epson’s latest high-end offering launched for the home cinema market, providing the ultimate in picture quality thanks to its 3LCD Reflective technology. Aimed at aspirational home cinema enthusiasts, looking for the very best in projector technology, the EH-LS10000 is Epson’s first projector to feature 4K enhancement technology, and it utilises a dual laser light source to deliver the widest colour gamut and Absolute Black.
“Our new laser projector is Epson’s first home cinema product to harness the power of this high-quality technology,” says Kelvin Reynolds, GM of Epson South Africa. “The EH-LS10000 is our first projector with 4K enhancement technology with the ability to digitally upscale Full HD 1080p content, improving the texture and resolution of on-screen content. This innovative technology has put Epson one step ahead of its competitors as we are prepared for 4K viewing – offering our customers a new experience in home entertainment.”
Not only does the use of laser technology create brilliant-quality images, but it also means that this 3D model has a long-life light source of 30,000 hours in Eco mode, leading to reduced maintenance. This model also has a short power-on time, projecting a picture after just 20 seconds.
A wide lens shift range, powered zoom lens and lens position memory presets for several screen aspect ratios make it easy to position the projector. The Epson EH-LS10000 runs almost silently with a low fan noise, and its sleek design, including a stylish lens shutter and hidden control panel, helps it seamlessly blend into home cinema set-ups so you can watch your favourite content without distraction.
The Epson EH-LS10000 is available from 1 April 2016, priced at R170,000.00 incl. VAT (Price is based on current rate of exchange).
Key features include:
• New dual laser light source
• 3LCD Reflective technology (0,74 R-HTPS devices)
• Epson’s widest colour gamut (achieve a full sRGB colour gamut even in Dynamic mode. By using the cinema filter, it’s possible to achieve DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamuts)
• Super resolution and detail enhancement technology
• 4K enhancement technology
• Full HD 1080P and 3D capable
• Bright 1,500lm picture with an equally high White and Colour Light Output for vivid colours
• Absolute Black
• Powered lens shift of +/-90% vertical and +/-40% horizontal and lens zoom of 2.1x
• High-speed motion response for crisp images in fast-moving scenes
• High aperture ratio for smooth texture and reduced screen door effect
• Bright 3D mode thanks to its 480Hz drive frequency, with no cross talk thanks to the use of laser
• All the image enhancement features of our existing range, including: ISF calibration, frame interpolation
• Long laser light source life of 30,000 hours
• ‘Instant on/off’ technology to power up and start projecting in 20 seconds
• Lens position memory (up to 10 presets)
• Low fan noise (19dB eco / 28dB standard)
• Network function sends error reports to a pre-set email address
• Discrete design with stylish lens shutter and hidden interface and control panel 2D to 3D conversion mode and 3D depth control
• Three-year warranty on all parts