Internet Service Provider OpenWeb has launched a new bonus promotion on its Uncapped ADSL products. This is part of strategy to slash the price of uncapped ADSL products to remain competitive in a fast-changing fixed-broadband market.
OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says clients who order any of its uncapped products will get an instant bonus at no additional charge. “The bonus changes according to demand and network availability.”
He says bonuses can range from complimentary data accounts to free mobile data.
“For example, all clients that ordered a 4Mbps Home Uncapped Special account for R199 today, received a free additional 20GB Capped Unshaped account with their order. The additional account will be available to the client for as long as they are subscribed to the original agreement.”
The respective bonuses are displayed at the top of the signup pages for each product. The promotion will run until 31 March 2016.