Rémy Cointreau Africa has chosen South African tech start up, Continuon, as the social-CRM tool for its Rémy Martin brand.
Continuon allows Rémy Martin to gather and analyse rich data from across its digital ecosystem.
The core principles of CRM remain unchanged: to generate interest in products; recruit customers into relationship programmes; use data to understand customers as deeply as possible; and, finally, use these new found insights to engage customers in the most meaningful way.
What has changed is the availability of huge volumes of customer data across a plethora of possible touch points, increasingly higher customer response expectations (both in speed and quality of attention) and the shift in control of messaging from brands to consumers.
Social CRM solves this step of missing information, by using the data acquired through social properties (both public data and volunteered private data) to build an individual and personalised understanding of each member of a community – with ever-increasing accuracy of data capturing from multiple touch-points. More importantly, the objective of this data is to improve value creation for both the business and the customer.
The “Rémy- One Life/Live them” campaign that is currently speaking to the Rémy Martin SA community, has been effectively using Continuon since late 2015. The result has allowed the brand to develop meaningful one-on-one relationships with its customers and brand loyalists.
On the back of this success, Rémy Martin decided to start using the product in other African territories.