VAST Networks working with the City of Cape Town to provide all Cape Town Carnival spectators with free WiFi for the event on Saturday 12 March 2016.
Grant Marais, CEO of VAST Networks, says: “We are thrilled to be able to work with the Carnival organisers for this special event. The free WiFi we are providing will enable anyone and everyone to share their carnival experience with their friends, family and the world, through social media and other platforms.”
The theme for this year’s Cape Town Carnival is “Street Life” and more than 55 000 people are expected to attend the seventh edition of the Carnival.
“We firmly believe in the access to information, markets, people and opportunities and are giving that experience to the people of Cape Town during this special event,” says Marais.
The VAST Networks team will deliver connectivity across large open spaces stretching the entire length of the Green Point Fan Walk.
“In what we at VAST believe is a first on the African continent, a Wi-Fi network will be deployed street level along almost 2km for a highly attended and congested public event,” Marais adds.
“The Carnival is an iconic community-driven event and ‘street life’ is about the way people connect and interact in public spaces. Connecting people and communities across the country, is what our business is all about and that’s why we are so proud to be partnering with this event.”