Avaya has unveiled Zang, an innovative cloud communications platform and communication applications-as-a-service that revolutionises the way businesses can use communications to connect with their customers and employees.

With 79% of IT teams currently developing apps for customers, partners and employees, 100% cloud-based Zang offers easy to use drag and drop tools, pre-built applications and robust APIs that make it possible for anyone to leverage the best of the Web to quickly build and deploy applications that communications-enable consumer or enterprise applications and services.

“Similar to how WordPress made it easy to design a website, Zang enables anyone to build and deploy a communications app without needing technical expertise,” says Mohammad Nezarati, GM of Zang. ” For instance, with Zang’s drag-and-drop functionality, an office manager at the dentist can create a personalised mobile app for patients to automate reminders. The possibilities are limited only to the imaginations of end users.”

Smart apps built on Zang allow people to define how they want to work and connect. Zang enables easy “click-to-connect” communications with high quality video, chat, voice, SMS and document sharing from mobile, Web or desktop environments. Unlike other solutions today that offer rudimentary APIs, Zang’s highly interoperable platform provides complete workflow automation and sophisticated application development capabilities. This means developer’s end users can use Zang apps with other communications apps like Cisco Spark, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts to enable every day work applications and customers’ favourite touch-points.