Uber has launched in two new African cities, Mombasa in Kenya and Abuja in Nigeria – with Abuja the 400th city where the ride-sharing service is being offered.

Alon Lits, GM of Uber sub-Saharan Africa, comments: “We’re really excited to be launching Uber in these two great African cities, providing locals and visitors with a safe, affordable and flexible choice to move around their city.”

Mombasa’s natural beauty has always made it a popular tourist destination attracting local and international visitors, it is also a cultural and economic hub.

Abuja is a growing city in the heart of Nigeria where entrepreneurs are born

“Uber moves around millions of global citizens every day offering affordable and reliable rides at the touch of a button,” Lits says. “By offering a safe and reliable complement to existing transport options, we can help improve urban mobility across African cities, helping reduce traffic congestion and the environmental impact of vehicles at the same time.

“Uber is part of a broader evolution in transportation, it is an exciting platform that is changing the way we travel and shaping the future of cities across the world. These cities are progressive, forward-thinking cities that have a need for safe, reliable and efficient transportation and we are so excited to be venturing further into Africa.”