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Browser-based applications have become a dominant force in the enterprise, from custom-built web apps to software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps purchased outside of the IT process by business managers who want to empower their employees with the latest tools.
This surge of browser-based apps often create a myriad of complex security and IT management complications, which is why customers turn to Citrix to secure and manage them. For example, many businesses use custom-built web applications that take advantage of key features limited to Internet Explorer, and those apps do not always work well with other browsers.
In addition, convenience features included in modern browsers, such as saving passwords and personal information, may violate compliance and security policies, which is why many Citrix customers use XenApp to lock down these weaknesses and securely deliver these apps to employees today.
That’s why web browsers outnumber any other application published through Citrix XenApp, based on telemetry metrics from more than 100 000 customers. Yet whether a business has a Citrix-certified expert, or not, they are all seeking a simple, effective way to secure and manage apps that help people do their jobs effectively.
To meet this need, the Citrix Secure Browser product family has launched  to provide a quick, simple way for any IT organisation – even those that have never used a Citrix product – to securely deliver web and SaaS applications to any modern browser. In minutes, an administrator can set up any web application to be securely delivered to any device, even internally hosted web apps, without intrusively installing anything on an employee’s device.
With Citrix Secure Browser, the application is virtually delivered to the end-user’s browser of choice, locking down the application, eliminating compatibility issues, protecting sensitive information, and improving the app experience.
Citrix Secure Browser is available in three ways:
* Citrix Workspace Cloud Secure Browser is a fully hosted service from Citrix starting at $20-per-user-per-month for securely delivering an unlimited number of web apps.
* Citrix XenApp Secure Browser is available as a perpetual license beginning at $150 per user or device.
* Secure Browser Deployment Kit is free for XenApp and XenDesktop (excluding XenDesktop VDI edition) customers with active Subscription Advantage or software maintenance. This option leverages Citrix Lifecycle Management XenApp Secure Browser blueprint to streamline new deployments of XenApp dedicated for publishing web apps.
“From enterprises that need to protect access to SaaS applications to current Citrix customers who need a quick way to securely deliver web apps, we’re seeing tremendous demand for Citrix Secure Browser,” says Calvin Hsu vice-president: product marketing, Windows App Delivery at Citrix. “Because of the ability to securely deliver web apps in minutes, this solution will provide IT with a new agility, empowering organizations to adapt to dynamic market conditions and empower business managers in an unprecedented way. This will change how software is deployed in the enterprise.”