RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents, has announced new additions to its extensive battery portfolio with the RS Pro range of rechargeable batteries, three new variants from the Energizer family and a range of Storacell battery-storage solutions.
The latest addition to the RS Pro range is the NiMH Low Self Discharge rechargeable battery family, which comes pre-charged and is therefore ready to use straight from the pack. The product’s low self-discharge design enables the retention of power when not in use, which means the products can be stored for many years and still be ready for use. For example, they are able to maintain 80% charge for a year without recharging. The RS Pro LSD NiMH range comes in packs of four and eight for AA 2000mAh and AAA 750mAh capacity batteries, and in packs of four for AA 2450mAh and AAA 900mAh batteries.
The three new ranges from Energizer include the innovative Energizer MAX series, which has been updated with POWERSEAL technology, providing guaranteed protection against leaks. The series is the longest-lasting Energizer MAX battery yet, now up to 30% longer than the previous series, whilst typically holding power for up to 10 years while in storage. The AA and AAA sizes offer leakage protection for up to two years after full discharge, protecting digital cameras and many other valuable devices, and come in packs of 12 (AA and AAA), one (9V) or two (C and D cells).
The Energizer EcoAdvanced series includes AAA batteries and the world’s first AA battery made from recycled batteries. They are manufactured using 4% by total weight of recycled battery material, which provides up to 10% of a key active ingredient. EcoAdvanced AA batteries last up to 80% longer than basic alkaline batteries, and the AAA batteries last 60% longer, reducing waste, and the number of batteries needed. They are also leak resistant, hold power up to 12 years, and come in packs of eight and 20.
The third series is the Energizer Advanced series, which features 9V, C and D cell batteries. These cells benefit from up to 20% longer life over previous lines, such as Energizer MAX, but are also 25% lighter than conventional cells.
The Storacell battery storage organiser complements these new ranges and is available in seven different sizes. It provides a simple but innovative and patented design for carrying, storing, organising and dispensing batteries using a compact, lightweight, portable battery caddy with a locking mechanism to keep the batteries secure. The batteries snap into place and can be removed easily with the push of a thumb. They provide terminal protection on both ends and are made from a durable and break-resistant material.
The RS Pro range of products offers customers a combination of quality, performance and value, backed by the RS Seal of Approval, representing leading industry standards for audit, inspection, test and certification.