Leyard Europe, a global technology leader in the design, production, distribution, and service of LED displays, has appointed Jasco as its regional Systems Integrator (SI) for southern Africa.
The appointment will assist Leyard to expand into a new geographical region and further grow its market share. In addition, it will enable Jasco to extend its offering with the inclusion of LED displays, complementing their existing solutions. The partnership will also provide broadcasters in the region with access to professional, tailored LED display solutions.
“Leyard’s technology addresses a need in our own product portfolio, and enables us to cater to a growing requirement for broadcasters to upgrade to LED screens within the southern African market. Leyard’s LED technology offers superior clarity, reduced flicker and enhanced image quality with higher resolution and high contrast ratios, as well as improved energy efficiency,” says Paul Divall, MD of Jasco Broadcast Solutions.
Jasco will engage with customers to determine their individual requirements, and then design systems in partnership with Leyard.  Jasco will also be responsible for installation, commissioning and support of the systems, as well as integrating the displays into the greater broadcast studio solution.
“As part of our international sales strategy, we are looking for the right partners in a number of regions to integrate our systems and products according to individual customer needs. Jasco, one of the leading broadcast SI’s in Southern Africa, is the perfect ‘fit’ as they provide complete end-to-end solutions and feature extensive integration skills. They are instrumental in extending our brand within this region due to their proactive sales force, excellent training programmes and innovative solutions,” says Romain Peyloubet, sales director: African markets at Leyard Europe.
“While our initial focus will be on the broadcasting sector, which is aligned to Leyard’s target market, Jasco also has access to the wider corporate market within the region. We will therefore be exploring corporate applications for these LED displays in future, assisting to broaden the application for Leyard’s solutions and further grow their market share in Southern Africa. We look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership,” Divall concludes.