Cape Town-based telecommunications company Comtel Communications has launched Unlimited Calling, a fixed-line product for both residential and business clients.
The new offering is an addition to the company’s services that include fibre and wireless connectivity, hosted PBX & VoIP, and rolling out open access fibre networks into multi-tenant developments and neighbourhoods.
As the name suggests, clients are able to make as many calls as they like during a month at a fixed cost.
Greg Cooper, chief operating officer at Comtel Communications, says that they have kept their monthly fixed rate to a minimum in order to benefit homeowners, SMEs and corporates. Existing clients qualify for even further discounts depending on their packages and lines.  Clients with Comtel Fibre, for example, qualify for a 10% monthly discount on the unlimited calling fixed rate.
Adds Cooper: “With the explosion of Fibre roll-outs across the country, an ever increasing number of clients are having access to unrivalled speeds and quality. It’s an exciting time for both clients and service providers.”
Existing clients can be set up remotely within 24 hours and approved new clients who qualify for the service will be able to get dialing in 10 working days or less, as per the standard installation.