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Gemalto’s Ezio Mobile  Software Development Kit (SDK), has achieved security certification from the well-recognised ANSSI governmental agency for network and information security.
Ezio Mobile SDK acts as an extra layer of security and is a simple, comprehensive and cost effective mobile authentication tool to increase mobile financial applications security. It also enables banks to protect and secure their mobile banking and mobile payment services against malware and cyber-attacks through multi-factor authentication and advanced protection mechanisms.
The Mobile SDK easily integrates into any mobile financial application thus allowing mobile developers to quickly achieve a higher level of security without requiring any specific cryptographic or mobile threat knowledge. Through black-box testing, the CSPN certification helps ensure that Ezio Mobile SDK behaves as defined to this industry leading testing standard”. CSPN is a high security level for software applications required by experienced financial institutions to operate mobile wallet payments.
“With the number of mobile banking users in 2018 expected to reach 1.8 billion, the shift to mobile banking is no longer a trend, it’s a reality. Banks can ensure that they have the right protection in place to keep their customers’ details and money safe and secure by deploying mobile Ezio security technology,” comments Håkan Nordfjell, senior vice-president of e-banking and e-commerce at Gemalto