Check Point Software Technologies has announced that ElevenPaths, a Telefónica company specialising in development of innovative security solutions, will be a provider of Check Point mobile security technologies for Telefónica corporate customers worldwide.
The agreement between Check Point and ElevenPaths provides Telefónica customers with a suite of mobile security services including Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention and complementary security products developed by ElevenPaths. This new offering will be part of the corporate mobility services Telefónica provides globally today, offering:
* Protection against the three main vectors of mobile attacks including malicious applications, network attacks and attacks to devices’ operating systems.
* Visibility and intelligence into the threat landscape of an organisation’s entire mobile deployment.
* Simple and transparent management of enterprise mobile security, while ensuring privacy.
“The Telefónica mobile security and mobility management solution facilitates day-to-day in business communications, guaranteeing productivity and protecting employee devices at all times,” says Pedro Pablo Pérez, vice president of products and services, ElevenPaths. “This agreement provides our customers with unparalleled mobile security with a joint product that combines Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention with Tacyt, a cyber intelligence mobile threat tool developed by ElevenPaths.”
Check Point researchers continue to see a dramatic escalation in the number and sophistication of targeted attacks on mobile devices worldwide. Attacks like these can make business use of smartphones and tablets a significant risk to the security of sensitive enterprise data accessed on mobile devices.
“We believe mobile devices are the weakest link in corporate security today, leaving businesses susceptible to data leakage and network attacks,” says Doros Hadjizenonos, Country Manager of Check Point South. “This agreement is a key part of protecting today’s businesses, and we’re looking forward to working with Telefonica and Eleven Paths to protect businesses in South Africa and around the world from these threats.”