Econz Wireless has been providing mobile time and attendance solutions across the globe for more than 30 years. Today it offera three solutions that provide a full suite of features entirely suited to facilities managers and field managers.
Econz Wireless has been providing mobile solutions to the global security sector for more than 40 years, and today’s technology is key to operating a leading security business, small medium or large.
As a leading time and attendance supplier, Econz mobile solutions enable management to eliminate paper timesheets, track employees via GPS, lower fuel costs, and prevent time theft. Solutions include:
* Econz Eservice GPS – a Mobile Field Service Dispatch and Work Order Management System that works on mobile phones and tablets. Eservice is web-based software that enables a field service team to receive and respond to customer work orders.
* Econz Timecard GPS – a mobile Time, Attendance, and GPS Tracking application that works on mobile devices (Android, Apple, Rugged Phone, etc.). Timecard is ideal for companies where time and attendance tracking is helpful for ensuring job completion and maintaining accurate records of working hours and job types. Building Contractors, Home Healthcare, Security Guards, Distribution, Utilities, Services and Manufacturing companies all benefit by using Econz Timecard.
* Timecard Lite GPS – Timecard Lite is the timecard GPS application without the time and attendance reports. For companies that are just looking for GPS tracking, Timecard Lite would be the product of choice. Timecard Lite’s GPS Tracking is available on Cell Phones and Tablets – Android, Apple iOS and new BlackBerry.
“Managing a workforce, be they security guards or maintenance staff within a large building or a campus consisting of several buildings, is no easy job,” says Thomas Marshall, Econz Wireless National Sales Director, South Africa. “If the building owner or tenants want prompt maintenance service, while containing costs and ensuring jobs are completed properly, timeously and efficiently, then your team has to be managed equally efficiently.”
It’s the same for security, Marshall says. “Whether we look at guarding, on booms and in cars, or checking that routes are being followed precisely, on time, and that staff are always awake, supervisors and contact centres need to know the location of everyone, anywhere, any time.”
Facilities Managers often present with a set of very specific challenges. These include:
* Time & Attendance – for permanent, casual and shift workers.
* Team clock in – where a team leader responsible for one area, floor or building can log in his team on one device. This is transmitted back to head office and integrates into over 100 payroll systems, thus eliminating all inaccurate paper time sheets and relieving the Payroll admin staff of hours of checking, as well as ensuring accurate payments and cost savings.
* Staff tracking – the Facilities Manager can pinpoint all staff via an accurate web-portal from the comfort of his office, as well as produce up to 29 management reports on staff activities.
* Job dispatch and parts management – managers are able to dispatch maintenance staff very efficiently to carry out repairs, receive before and after photos for job completion and quality, and see the completed parts lists, again via a web-portal.
Customers have reduced time theft, consumables theft (such as cleaning products), increase customer service quality and satisfaction, and provide almost immediate Return on Investment.
Econz products have low set-up costs, no training costs and low operations costs – it costs from as little as R160 per month per device, and no update costs for new features. Customisation is available on request.
Benefits include:
* Low entry cost;
* Little or no capex;
* Low monthly cost;
* Low set up costs;
* Almost any mobile device;
* Increased customer service levels;
* Fuel savings;
* Integration with company payroll;
* Reports substantiate any labour disputes; and
* Works anywhere, anytime.