Communication Genetics has announced the availability of Totemomail and Totemodata, two business-to-business, business-to-consumer and platform-independent solutions designed to protect information on the move, between internal and external sources and between different systems within the company network.
South African businesses are faced with the reality and responsibility of having to comply with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, which governs rights of protection and control of personal data.
The legislation forces institutions to be responsible and accountable in the way they manage people’s information.
Against this background Communications Genetics has made available technology to help businesses comply with legislation and protect users.
Totemomail is a comprehensive email solution designed to address all aspects of digital communication security.
The solution is positioned at the forefront of corporate secure communication strategies. It covers critical aspects such as internal encryption, gateway encryption and hybrid encryption.
The FIPS 140-2-validated Totemomail Encryption Gateway is optimised for mobile devices and helps to strictly observe security guidelines as well as monitor them comprehensively for internal and external audits.
The internal encryption module can be run in combination with encryption gateway or as a standalone product.
Totemodata is an easy-to-use solution for secure managed file transfer that guarantees data confidentiality, integrity, originality as well as origin in any scenario for organisations in any industry.
All data movements are monitored and logged. This makes them completely transparent, which in turn enhances compliance with current regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and privacy legislation. With Totemodata, any organisation is ready for audits and reviews.
The solution is platform-independent, supports all established data exchange protocols and seamlessly integrates into any existing IT infrastructure.
According to the company email communication is particularly vulnerable to data loss since the SMTP protocol does not include any protective mechanisms.
The elevation of threats and increasingly sophisticated digital threat landscape means that message confidentiality, integrity and authenticity need to be ensured using stringent measures.
These are top considerations, particularly with regards to managed file transfer Although email is critical to the rapid pace of business today, the general lack of message security is a source of concern, both for regulators and business executives.
Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAAQ require that email messages containing sensitive or confidential data must be handled securely. Additionally, executive correspondence and exchanges concerning personnel, legal and other confidential matters must be protected from unauthorised viewing.
The more businesses rely on email and moving their data outside of their secure environments, the more critical it becomes to protect confidential email messages from unauthorised eyes.
Communications Genetics encryption solution combines robust encryption with ease of use to ensure that vital business information is properly secured, yet continues to flow freely between senders and recipients.
This offering, supported by Communication Genetics expertise and full operation, is designed to generate certificates, with enhanced sustainability to facilitate the implementation of BYOD strategies.
“We are very proud to bring to market these top of the range enhanced security email solutions… this technology is built with the capacity to offer total, all round protection and can withstand the challenges surrounding full protection of corporate resources, particularly data,” says Fred Steinberg, MD of Communication Genetics.