The first Israel South Africa Water Week will include three main events; June 6th in Johannesburg, June 8th in Cape Town and June 9th in Durban.
The seminars will host a number of Israel’s most respected water experts alongside 15 of Israel’s most innovative water technology companies.
The experts will also be in South Africa to interact with decision-makers in both the public and private sectors and share some best practices and innovations that work in Israel.
Israel today, through a combination of government-industry partnerships, ambitious national planning, innovation and a simple lack of an alternative, is no longer dependent on neighbours, rains or weather trends.
Israel is recognised as a world leader in drought prevention and management as well as in water technology and often shares these innovations globally. Recently, Israel was the key partner-country at India’s Water Week and Tel Aviv University is establishing the XIN Research Center with Beijing’s Tsinghua University to research early stage and mature technologies in biotech, solar energy, water, and environmental technologies.
The Israel South Africa Water Week seminars are free to water management professionals, government officials and interested parties. Guests should register online at
The full-day events will include top experts and businesses such as IDE, winner of ‘Desalination Company of the Year’ GWI award, and a pioneer and world leader in water technologies, with particular strengths in desalination; Mapal Green Energy,  a provider of technologies for waste water treatment plants; ToxSorb, a water technology company specialising in the development of filter media engineered to treat both organic and inorganic pollutants in water; Netafim, a leader in drip and micro irrigation solutions for a sustainable future; and water measurement technology specialists Arad.

The key note speaker at the events is Prof. Eilon Adar, a world-leading hydrologist and one of Israel’s leading researchers in water sources, use and technology. He is the director of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research and serves as an Associate Professor of the BIDR-Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research.

Other speakers include Mr Itai Melchior who has 20 years of experience in the private sector, filling different business development and management positions mainly in the high-tech sector, and Ambassador to South Africa Arthur Lenk.

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