The Democratic Alliance (DA) has chosen CM Telecom’s Hybrid and SMS messaging solutions to interact with voters and campaigners, and to secure its IT infrastructure with one-time passwords through mobile messaging and push notifications.
The mobile passwords create an extra layer of security (two-factor authentication) to login sessions which prevents data breaches.
Hybrid Messaging, which combines push notifications, voice messages and SMS text messaging, makes sure messages are delivered on every possible device. Voice and SMS text messages are also used as a back-up in case the push notification is not delivered on the handset within a period of time.
Warwick Chapman, executive director with the DA, comments: “We have traditionally relied on SMS for One Time PIN delivery but are keen to use CM Telecom’s Hybrid Messaging to drive down cost of these OTP’s in the long term.
“A secondary target is to introduce a mobile application into the Apple and Android stores that serves as both an Authenticator and a starting dashboard into our ecosystem of applications.
“CM Telecom is a respected service provider, with a willing and supportive technical team and a range of solutions that fit our needs. The presence of a local CM office in South Africa and a well-known and respected local manager is critical to our selection of CM as a partner.”
James Bayhack, country manager of CM Telecom in South Africa, comments: “The DA’s view on mobile being the ‘way forward’ re-affirms that organisations needs to embrace the efficiencies and reach of the mobile ecosystem. We are delighted to be able to compliment the DA’s mobile strategy and will be at their side as their needs continue to grow.”