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EMC has announced a series of all-flash customer and market share milestones as enterprises around the globe continue to turn to EMC as their leading provider for all-flash storage solutions to address a multitude of enterprise needs for consolidated and mixed workloads and the world’s most performance-intensive enterprise applications.
Led by the rapid growth of its leading XtremIO all-flash storage array, EMC has accelerated its market share lead in all-flash arrays according to a recently published Quarterly Enterprise Storage System Tracker by IDC.  In the all-flash array market, EMC’s leading 40,3% market share in vendor revenue for CYQ42015 climbed 4,1 percentage points from the previous year.  For the entire calendar year 2015, EMC’s 37,7% market share for all flash array vendor revenue is more than two-and-a-half times the next competitor’s market share.
This market share increase is reflected across industry verticals. For example:
* In 2015, 15 of the top 20 Banking & Finance companies on the Forbes Global 2000 Top Companies list purchased flash solutions from EMC with a 202% increase in bookings YoY.
* EMC revenue from Telco, Media & Entertainment companies grew 316% in 2015 YoY with 19 out of the top 20 companies on the Forbes Global 2000 Top Companies using EMC(r) flash solutions.
The latest announcement reinforces an industry-wide surge towards all-flash storage solutions, as customers consolidate, accelerate and modernise data center infrastructures. The most recent full-year comparisons help illustrate the trend.
Between 2014 and 2015, EMC increased its base of flash customers globally by 78%, with revenue for flash offerings increasing by 104% in H2 2015 over H1 2015. EMC’s XtremIO business also achieved a $2-billion run rate for bookings in Q42015, capping full-year 2015 XtremIO revenues of more than $1-billion.
As EMC’s fastest-growing product of all time, XtremIO topped the all-flash storage array market in just nine months after its 2013 debut, with customers continuing to choose XtremIO over competing AFAs for its ease of use and unique architecture that delivers consistent and predictable performance at scale. Several thousand customers have deployed XtremIO for its always-on, always inline data services such as deduplication and compression as well as integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) that enables customers to accelerate and improve productivity in the business and IT organisation.
EMC offers a broad all-flash portfolio, purpose-built to address virtually any enterprise data centre use case:
* XtremIO all-flash arrays for accelerating and consolidating mixed block storage workloads such as databases, analytics, server virtual machines, and virtual desktop infrastructures that require consistent and predictable performance with sub-millisecond latencies. XtremIO is designed to address most high-end enterprise workloads with some of the industry’s best inline data compression and de-duplication capabilities for improved economics.
* VMAX All Flash for consolidating mixed block and file workloads that require the highest levels of enterprise availability, rich data services, IBM mainframe and iSeries support, and scalable storage growth. VMAX All Flash offers the gold standard of replication, recovery, data services and quality of service, re-engineered with all flash to deliver up to four petabytes (PB) of storage capacity.
* DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash – a new flash storage category with breakthrough performance – for the most performance-intensive, traditional and next-generation use cases that require microsecond latencies such as real-time analytics for Hadoop and Oracle.
* Unity – a new family of simple, affordable storage systems that deliver enterprise capabilities, all-flash performance and cloud-like simplicity for under $18,000. Unity supports file and block storage for small and medium-sized IT departments and is available in all-flash array, hybrid array, software-defined and converged configurations.
Jeremy Burton, president of products and marketing at EMC, comments: “EMC has declared 2016 as the year of All-Flash for primary storage.  Built on the amazing success of XtremIO our comprehensive portfolio now includes VMAX All Flash, DSSD D5 and the brand new EMC Unity designed to enable the Modern Data Center for today’s global enterprises.
“As performance-hungry workloads continue growing in diversity, enterprises can turn to EMC for the industry’s broadest portfolio of innovative all-flash storage solutions at price-performance points to match almost any data centre use case.”