Industrial and commercial communications operator Metacom has unveiled the MC412 Intelligent Router platform, the new platform continues to build on the success of the highly-regarded MC402 Remote Router.
“Over the last few years the MC402 Intelligent Routers has been adopted by many large retailers and financial institutions as the preferred solution for fail over services, saving millions of rands that would have been lost whenever primary networks fail.
“The new MC412 further entrenches the Metacom solution offering through the inclusion of Quality of Service, custom developed SNMP OID’s, multiple VPN instances together with a more powerful processing platform,” says Marius Visser, business executive at Metacom.
Visser believes that off the shelf equipment from international communication equipment providers do not always meet the specific needs of South African clients. Often, these devices are just extensions of existing routers instead of providing integrated connectivity in their own right.
“With the MC412 Intelligent Router, Metacom has developed a highly integrated device with an extremely rich feature set. Our experience in developing unique quality equipment which is appropriate for our market has enabled us to build an extremely versatile product that is very effective in solving a number of challenges in the market,” he says.
In the electronic financial transactions market where Metacom has thousands of automated teller machines connected to its network, the MC412 provides either an Ethernet interface or serial port connectivity. This means that it can integrate very easily into both legacy and new infrastructure.
The MC412 Intelligent Router supports SCADA protocols and is ideal forĀ  mission-critical remote control and telemetry applications like electricity sub-station automation where no other connectivity is available.
The MC412 has also been installed in a number of countries providing connectivity for medical applications in rural areas to internationally based health care providers.
“The MC412 Intelligent Router is a robust solution and can be managed as part of the Metacom managed services offering. This means our international operations centre can proactively monitor all the devices in the field for reliability and availability so our clients can remain focused on their core business,” Visser says.