RSA, the security division of EMC, has announced the latest version of the RSA Archer Suite to inspire everyone within an organization to own risk and develop successful risk and compliance programmes.
New use case packaging offered by RSA Archer technology is designed to allow organizations to address their specific GRC needs and challenges, regardless of size or GRC maturity level. The platform also introduced new features and functions to include and better engage all business users in risk management programs.
Not all organisations have the same risk and compliance needs or level of GRC maturity. Today, it is common for an organization that is just beginning to implement its GRC program to have more basic needs and systems, while another organidation may have more mature processes in place and require more complex solutions.
Organisations can now take command of their own GRC maturity journeys through the RSA Archer suite’s broad range of integrated GRC use cases to start small, seek quick wins, and strategically implement risk and compliance programmes.
With seven solution areas featuring new or updated risk and compliance use cases, RSA Archer GRC is designed to empower users to manage IT & security risk, financial controls, regulatory compliance, business resiliency, third-party risk and operational and enterprise risk.
The use cases are built based on industry standards and best practices to kick-start an effective GRC programme efficiently.
Use Cases include a wide range of GRC processes from foundational elements such as Issues Management and Business Impact Analysis to more advanced use cases such as Operational Risk Management and Third Party Governance.
The use cases accelerate GRC programmes through out-of-the-box best practices and can be incrementally expanded as an organisation’s risk and compliance needs grow.
This latest version of RSA Archer GRC also introduces a new “look and feel” for all solutions, providing an enhanced user experience designed to more fully engage business users in the organisation’s risk management programme.
New features include a walk-up friendly, task-driven user interface, drag-and-drop advanced workflow capabilities, an upgraded interface, and advanced workflow configuration options.