CA Southern Africa has announced the availability of CA Technologies Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition, and several new integrations across CA’s DevOps portfolio and third party solutions creating the first integrated, fully automated and open continuous delivery ecosystem.

Organisations can now connect and automate the entire app pipeline progression from development, to test, to production, to accelerate deployment times of applications by as much as 20 times and improve testing efficiency by up to 25%.

“To thrive in the application economy, digital transformation must be driven by continuous delivery—the ability to rapidly and reliably release applications that meet the demands of external and internal customers alike,” says Andrea Lodolo, chief technology officer of CA Southern Africa.

“CA is the only DevOps solution provider that currently bridges development, testing, release management and operations in an open, seamless tool chain that helps organizations achieve entirely new levels of application delivery speed and quality.”

For application owners tasked with rapidly delivering innovative and inspiring applications, but struggling with constraints and dependencies across the software development lifecycle, CA helps eliminate these challenges by providing continuous delivery capabilities that enable organisations to improve release planning and orchestration, use agile testing to test less and cover more, provision data on demand and deploy simulated environments – all with zero touch workflow.

This is accomplished through:

* CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition is a premium module for CA Release Automation that enables zero-touch app progression and deployment. Its analytic capabilities enable DevOps teams to plan, manage, analyse and optimize the continuous delivery pipeline from a single control point.

* CA Agile Requirements Designer (formerly Grid-Tools Agile Designer) integration with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) automatically creates test cases with maximum test coverage right from the requirements phase.

* CA Test Data Manager (formerly Grid-Tools Data Maker) integration with CA Agile Central reduces test cycle prep time by requesting and reserving test data from within CA Agile Central.

* CA Service Virtualisation integration with CA Test Data Manager quickly generates realistic virtual data and injects the data directly into a deployed virtual service to improve the efficiency and quality of testing, while avoiding compliance risks.

* CA Release Automation integration with CA Test Data Manager automates the generation of proper test data based on proper test cases defined for a particular build for a faster, more optimised process.

* CA Application Test integrates with CA Agile Central so that the history of test cases can be viewed by the build number for the pipeline.

* CA Release Automation integration with CA Agile Central takes test results, and based upon the results, deploys to the next environment in the lifecycle.

* Integrations between CA API Management, CA Service Virtualization and CA Application Test enable development teams to automatically create the virtual services and API tests needed to support the rapid development of composite applications and microservices.