Need to get a package across town in a hurry? Time is tight and you’re struggling? Well, now there’s a new courier crew in town.

1Fetch, a new on-demand, same-day, hand-to-hand motorbike delivery service, provides users with speedy, professional and super-efficient service – all at the push of a button.

1Fetch is available via an app, and the entire delivery process is done in-app, connecting users with drivers.

The 1Fetch app is currently available on Google Play and on the Apple App Store.

The service runs from Monday to Friday, 08h00 to 17h00.

Director of 1Fetch, Panico Theocharides, says of the new service: “We guarantee collection within 90 minutes of the order being placed. Once collected, the package is delivered directly to your destination, with no stops along the way.”

Based in the Sandton CBD and servicing areas within a 20km radius of the Sandton CBD (for now), 1Fetch has plans for expansion into Gauteng and the rest of South Africa.

“We aspire to become ‘front of mind’ for any real-time delivery needs,” says Theocharides. “The world is rapidly converging towards an outsourced model for all things, so our immediate plans are to get people to ‘think 1Fetch’ every time they need a corporate document sent, a personal package delivered, food, retail items, a gift for your spouse, or a lunch bag to your kid at school.

“If you get the basics right, and build around your customer needs, the growth should follow.”

The service is priced at a competitive rate of R11 per kilometre and subject to a minimum delivery charge of R50 (which includes VAT).

According to Theocharides, 1Fetch was born out of the difficulty – experienced over many years – of justifying the cost of full-time drivers for medium-sized corporates.

“What typically happens in the workplace is that staff, often highly qualified, are sent out to perform ad hoc drop-offs to clients, service providers, bankers, lawyers, shareholders, board members, etc – and this costs valuable company time and money.

“So 1Fetch provides an outsourced, on-demand courier solution. It reduces the full-time staffing commitment, reduces overhead and reduces management time. It brings real-time service to your doorstep, at the click of a button. It’s better, cheaper, faster,” he says.