Master Data Management (MDM) MD Gary Allemann, will be presenting at the Big Data & Analytics Conference, running from 12 to 13 July 2016 at the Indaba Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.
He will cover why banks are unable to exploit big data, explore the lack of business care that is often linked to lack of skills or understanding of what big data is, and how the stumbling blocks of organisational silos and inflexible legacy systems can be resolved.
The conference will highlight the latest trends and innovations in data optimisation in the financial services industry.
The conference will focus on how the banking sector can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT), embrace digital transformation through big data, use advanced analytics for business intelligence (BI), adopt new approaches emerging for the governance of self-service BI and more.
The big data and analytics event will also touch on how cloud data and cloud analytics is developing in South African banks, as well as visual analytics. It will provide solid advice from experts on how to tackle pertinent issues such as how banks can continue to identify new opportunities for growth whilst banks profit margins continue to be squeezed in the challenging economic climate.
“Financial institutions that embrace big data and harness the benefits it can deliver including deeper customer insight, enhanced risk data aggregation and improved market intelligence are moving ahead of laggards. This means making big data accessible to a broader business community,” says Allemann.
The conference will cater for professionals dealing with big data engineering, data visualisation, data science, BI, business analytics, channel integration, product pricing, product research and development, data migration, customer relationship management, customer segmentation, customer retention, customer mobility, business segmentation and customer experience management amongst many others.
Allemann joins other industry leaders including Jannie Els: head of analytics solution at Consulta Research, Stefan Zaaiman: head of data science at Telesure, Kagiso Nicholas Malema: MD o f Forty23 Analytics, and Johan Jurd: MD of InfoBuild South Africa who will each bring their own insight.
These experts will address topics which include the data analytics blueprint, why banks are unable to exploit big data, guidelines for competitive success using analytics typical stumbling blocks, guidelines for competitive success through analytics, how big data and analytics are complicated unnecessarily, amongst many other topics that are sure to change the way you view and engage with analytics.