In distressing situations, it pays to have a witness, but that’s far from a sure thing during emergencies or unforeseen events.
MiBlackBox is a personal, affordable virtual witness service that allows users to better communicate with loved ones or emergency services in times of need.
MiBlackBox’s app lets its users record calls, pictures and videos at the push of a button, subsequently relaying that information and encrypting it to a secured remote server, while also notifying an elected emergency contact or emergency services directly.
Not only is the service available via a convenient app, but users with older handsets can register and access the voice part of the service via USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).
Those users with older handsets will also be given the option of registering on MiBlackBox’s website.
The idea behind MiBlackBox is to provide its users with a secure repository of evidence of events that might empower them to defend or support themselves in unexpected circumstances, and may even deter criminals if they believe they’re being recorded, with such recordings not being on the handset itself.
In instances of an emergency, the service can take one of the following actions (in-app only):
* Identify the nearest police station, fire station or hospital, as well as provide the necessary contact details, location and directions via your phone’s mapping technology; and
* Call a client’s armed response company, if they have one – client programmed.
MiBlackBox can also be used in cases of bullying, domestic violence, date rape, corruption or fraud, traffic officer and police interactions, road block scenarios, and even in accidents for insurance purposes. It also offers alternate methods to access the secured information, all of which is encrypted, time- and date-stamped.
In the event of an accident (in app only), MiBlackBox can trigger via a high G-force spike, automatically making a call and sending your location. In a threatening situation, the user need only hit the panic button, or drop or shake the phone to send out an emergency signal.
While MiBlackBox may not prevent an emergency from happening, it may potentially save you from harm, save your life and help you avoid financial and emotional ruin.