Pick n Pay is launching a giveaway campaign that uses augmented reality to bring characters handed out in-store to life.

For every R150 spent at any Pick n Pay, users receive a pack of four collectible Super Animal cards that can be scanned, using Pick n Pay’s free downloadable app, to bring the animal on the card to life.

There are 108 cards to collect in nine categories: fastest, toughest, deadliest, smartest, fiercest, weirdest, sneakiest, loudest and showiest. Each card has a barcode that can be read by a Sound Card Reader, available at Pick n Pay for R50. When swiped through this device, the sound of the animal depicted is brought to life.

Pick n Pay has also launched its own Super Animals app as a free download for Android and iPhones. The app is a Super Animals collecting companion which uses Augmented Reality to bring the cards to life.

Users can track their collection, learn fun facts and download achievements.

The Super Animals app uses augmented reality (AR) to blend virtual digital elements into our reality. Each of the collectible Super Animals cards can be scanned using the app, to bring an AR avatar to life – the avatar can also be tapped to produce the animal’s call as well as browse through some interesting facts about the animal.

The Big Five (African elephant, African buffalo, African lion, African leopard, and black rhinoceros) cards offer an extra treat, and the AR is animated, interactive and ready join the user in selfies.

“We are really excited about the app,” says Pick n Pay customer and trade executive John Bradshaw. “It is built by a Cape Town-based company called Sea Monster and we think it is better than anything of its type that we have seen in the world. Kids will be absolutely blown away when they scan the Big Five in this app.”

As users scan their Super Animal collectible cards with the app, they can add the cards to their virtual collector’s album and unlock activities and achievement badges. They can revisit already collected Super Animals to hear their calls or read their facts.

The achievement badges unlock for various actions, such as unlocking one of the Big Five, or having all the animals in a specific category. When this happens, users can scan the category page with their device to see the animals in a fun and interactive scene. The dioramas are different for each category.

There is also a collector’s album, filled with fun trivia and plenty of activities, that sells at Pick n Pay for R20. Pick n Pay will donate R1 from every album sold to support five partner environmental organisations: SANParks, the SPCA, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, SANCCOB and the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

“By partnering with these organisations we hope to highlight the great work they do day in and day out to make sure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the incredible natural beauty we have been given here in South Africa,” says Bradshaw.