Software AG has announced the availability of a free 180-day trial of its webMethods platform comprising Hybrid Integration and a Business Process Management suite (BPMS).
Hybrid Integration enables organizations to connect cloud, mobile, big data and IoT solutions together for Digital transformation, while the BPMS provides the ability to quickly develop applications for business agility. The webMethods free trial also includes the patented CloudStreams, which enables developers to integrate their Cloud Applications.
The webMethods software is available at no charge to help enterprises more easily evaluate the latest versions of its market-leading webMethods software and can be accessed from the download section of TECHcommunity. Additionally, the Hybrid Integration capabilities included in the free trial version are the B2B Gateway ‘Trading Networks’ and the Managed File Transfer (MFT) ‘ActiveTransfer’.
The webMethods BPMS free trial version includes all capabilities for assembling, running and monitoring flexible business applications – whether they are process-driven, task-driven or built as case management applications. The modern app development capabilities enable rich user interfaces for improved customer satisfaction and high level of user engagement.
Coupled with the availability of the webMethods free trial, a vibrant TECHcommunity comprising users, testers and advocates is available to interact and engage. The webMethods team will also actively share a wealth of experience on best practices, FAQs and tips from their experience supporting and developing webMethods over the years, as well as how to solve different, disparate business problems and gaining the most from the webMethods portfolio.
As companies embark on Digital Transformation, they find that Integration needs have become pervasive and they need to connect legacy applications with cloud apps, big data, mobile devices and IoT sensors. The webMethods platform solves the pervasive integration problem and the enables users to build powerful applications that serve as systems of innovation.
According to Dr Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer of Software AG: “Our webMethods platform is a complete integration solution that creates a seamless network of apps, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. The latest webMethods Platform enables customers to put API-led connectivity and DevOPs at the heart of their digital transformation strategies.
“By offering a free trial, we help IT professionals learn and explore how their business can benefit.”