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Telkom has seen a dramatic increase in the number of customers making use of its mobile data services and specifically the data services on LTE. This is in line with global experience, where LTE is forecast to play bigger role in the coming year, with a 47% global growth year-on-year predicted.
Telkom has experienced an 18,4% increase in mobile voice and subscriptions and over 70% increase in mobile data traffic.
As a result of this demand, the operator is currently experiencing congestion on some sections of its 2300Mhz LTE network, in some of the busier metro areas.
It states, however, that this is the exception, with more than 80% of its base stations delivering LTE speeds of 10Mbps and higher.
Telkom has also added infrastructure investment in recent months, and is currently working on the congested areas to add core capacity, site backhaul and radio capacity.
“Improvements in the most congested areas will be felt in the next week and will steadily improve across all congested sites within the next three weeks,” it says in a statement.