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AMD has appointed PC gaming and peripheral distributor Corex a regional distributor for its microprocessors, including both CPUs and APUs.
The announcement builds on an existing relationship between the two companies, with the primary aim of leveraging Corex’s relationships with key partners countrywide to expand AMD’s existing presence in the South African market.
“With an established history of embracing innovative technologies and an in-depth understanding of consumer needs, Corex is an ideal partner to help AMD reach the robust South African market,” says Omar Fakhri, head of sales for AMD Middle East & Africa. “AMD has a broad portfolio of products that are ideal for South African users looking for outstanding performance and value, and I look forward to collaborating with Corex moving forward.”
The collaboration will allow Corex to offer a growing number of channel customer AMD’s high-demand products, including AMD’s next-generation high-performance computing and graphics solutions.
“AMD is a natural fit for Corex due to our background in gaming, and current profile that spans across a range of key industry verticals,” says Corex CEO Mark Lu. “With South Africa emerging to become a fiercely competitive market and AMD offering such a strong product portfolio, we believe our renewed relationship with AMD will be mutually beneficial for all parties involved, and allow us to bring truly differentiated products to the market.”
At the recent Computex Taipei 2016, AMD showcased an number of upcoming products, including:
* New 7th Generation AMD A-Series mobile APUs allowing users to work faster and play longer, delivering powerful performance and superior energy efficiency for all day battery life.
* Its Polaris architecture-based Radeon RX Series graphics cards, providing users with an exciting selection of future-proof gaming technologies and impressively smooth HD entertainment.
* A public demonstration of its high-performance x86 processor core (codenamed Zen), powering a “Summit Ridge” desktop processor, featuring eight cores and sixteen threads. Zen core is designed to scale across various industries, including high-performance desktops, servers, notebooks and embedded solutions.