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Rwanda recently marked its 22nd Liberation Day. Despite the horrors of the genocide, Rwanda has rapidly recovered and gone on to become an African powerhouse. A key factor in the nation’s success is the strong emphasis on digital transformation, utilising it to accelerate progress across all sectors.
Paul Kagame, president of the Republic of Rwanda, has spearheaded development initiatives, making the country an early adopter of innovative technology. His efforts, however, travel further than Rwanda as he is determined to make Africa a digital continent.
Africa is on the verge of taking centre stage in a world on the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution. Many of the continent’s leaders have followed Paul Kagame’s example and have realigned their focus towards invest in technology. Nations now recognise that only through innovative technology can the continent achieve industrial, agricultural and social transformation.
Sindiso Ngwenya, head of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) states: “It is imperative that the nations of Africa make an effort to technologically improve their infrastructure, in order to become the next hub of trade and investment. Africa still has many challenges to tackle, including helping the people most in need and providing an infrastructure advanced enough to support a rapidly growing middle and upper class populace.
“Implementing technology to advance the area most in need will cause nations in Africa to not only progress, but also leapfrog over technological milestones that other continents had to face to get to where they now.”
Paul Sinclair, The Global African Investment Summit COMESA & Government of Rwanda (TGAIS-COMESA Rwanda) organising committee member, comments: “Kagame recently highlighted that technologies like the internet are as essential as water or electricity. The sooner the nations of Africa realise this the quicker we will progress as a continent.
“To enable nations to utilise advanced technology, investment from key figures in Africa and overseas is needed. TGAIS-COMESA Rwanda will be a great opportunity for heads of states and business leaders alike to congregate and find the best course of action for making Africa a digital continent.”