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Wipro has successfully launched its Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) platform on Microsoft Azure. The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform will help enterprises in seamless digital integration and cost-effective collaboration with their clients, partners and employees. The Wipro MFTaaS platform has been published on Azure Marketplace.
The platform enables customers widen their reach to new markets by seamlessly integrating with their partner ecosystem. It makes use of Microsoft’s cognitive capabilities and collaboration workflows to increase productivity and eliminate wastages in business processes.
This is one of Wipro’s most successful enterprise SaaS platforms, having handled over 2,5-million file integrations across a portfolio of global clients. The MFTaaS platform can potentially pare up to 30 per cent total cost of ownership (TCO) and up to 50% transaction pricing for clients, vis-à-vis traditional deployments.
The product has added value to manufacturing clients by bringing in greater efficiencies in their business processes. It also has zero maintenance costs on cloud. Energy and Utility sector clients have benefitted from its faster latency on Large File Transfers across geographies. It allows for secure and faster on-boarding of new clients, which has considerably benefited BFSI sector clients.
“We are committed to investing in next-generation cloud technologies. Co-innovating with companies such as Microsoft to create platforms and services enables us to further our investments and helps our customers realize the power of Cloud. True to our strategic direction, Wipro’s MFTaaS solution is an effective solution to enterprises’ problem of large file transfer in B2B scenarios,” says Horal Chandrana, senior vice-president: business application services at Wipro.
“Wipro’s MFTaaS platform is a good example of how the power of Microsoft Azure is being leveraged to solve critical customer business problems. We are excited by the work we are doing with Wipro, helping our clients accrue the true benefit of the cloud,” says Victor Morales, vice-president: enterprise partners group at Microsoft.
Wipro and Microsoft have been strategic partners for decades. Wipro has been investing in building industry solutions on Azure that help address customers’ business challenges.