Nuctech’s preparation and back-up solutions have helped ease the intense security workload during the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.
In the opening ceremony alone, over 80 Nuctech security scanners were put into use in and around the city’s landmark Maracana stadium.
As an experienced security product supplier, Nuctech has showed its ability and flexibility in dealing with emergencies. For example, to cope with the unstable power supply in Rio, Nuctech has equipped each machine with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system to make sure the machines run smoothly while the municipal power supply system is down.
Besides, Nuctech has deployed 16 experts to Brazil in case of any technical need such as power supply replacement, and circuit maintenance, so as to provide a good user experience to the visitors from all over the world.
Spare parts have also been shipped to Rio. Taking space limits and the using frequency into consideration, Nuctech experts have given a classification management to these spare parts and other tools.
“The security issue in Rio is more than a job to Nuctech,” says Chen Yongjian, manager of Nuctech Brazil. “It has long been a major concern even to the local Rio government due to its complicated social environment which makes the job more challenging and stressful sometimes.”
Nuctech will keep on co-operating with the local organising committee to guarantee the security of the Games for the duration of the event.