It looks like Uber has a plan to stop its disruptive ride-sharing business model being disrupted by self-driving cars.
While a number of companies – both traditional automotive manufacturers and IT companies like Google – are preparing to bring self-driving cars to the market, Uber hasn’t been resting on its laurels.
Bloomberg reports that the company will allow customers in Pittsburgh to ride for free later this month, if they select one of the self-driving Volvo XC90 sport-utility vehicles it will be piloting.
For the pilot, these cars won’t be 100% autonomous. Engineers will be in the drivers’ seats to supervise the vehicles, and they will also carry a wealth of sensors, including cameras, lasers, radar, and GPS receivers.
A deal between Volvo and Uber will see the automotive manufacturer develop fully-autonomous cars by 2021.
Meanwhile, Uber has acquired self-driving trucking firm Otto.