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Kaspersky Lab has extended the company’s collaboration with VMware to help enhance security capabilities of today’s software-defined data centers. Kaspersky Lab, a VMware TAP Elite partner, now joins the VMware NSX(r) Partner Program to further improve protection of business-critical data for enterprises.
Upon shipping the newest release of Kaspersky Security for Virtualization, this expanded relationship will give mutual customers the ability to deploy cutting-edge virtualised platforms for business critical workloads, empowered by a security solution which easily follows all infrastructure and network topology changes to defend the entire organisation and its infrastructure from external and internal threats as well as from known or unknown vulnerabilities.
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization will add enhanced protection levels for the software-defined data center through interoperability with the VMware NSX platform, implementing industry leading anti-malware and network protection capabilities to virtualised environments with minimal impact on valuable common resources. This will help businesses maintain high performance for the entire virtualised infrastructure − crucial for business reliability and efficiency.
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is specifically designed to work in virtualised infrastructure, and with VMware NSX interoperability, it will advance built-in protection capabilities for the software-defined data center and hybrid cloud:
* Permanent antivirus protection with no agents inside VMs.
* Advanced Intrusion Prevention (IPS) functionality for virtualised networks.
* Integration with security policies and tagging for superb, automated protection workflow.
* Security deployment automation and scalability.
* Optimised antimalware and file protection task orchestration.
Kaspersky Lab is a leader in enterprise security industry and has a solid portfolio of advanced security solutions for businesses. Since 2011, Kaspersky has delivered VMware specialised security solutions for virtualised environments. The interoperable Kaspersky Labs and VMware NSX integration will be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2016.
“We have worked with VMware for many years. Kaspersky Lab is able to bring advanced security capabilities into corporate virtualised environments,” says Vitaly Mzokov, solution business lead: data centre and virtualisation security at Kaspersky Lab. “Interoperability with VMware NSX will allow our customers to bring security of their software-defined data centers to a new level, protecting their virtual servers, workstations and data centersrom malware, network attack and zero-day threats with no impact on platform performance.”
“VMware relies on a strong and mature security partner ecosystem to help deliver the highest levels of protection for business-critical apps and data. Kaspersky Lab provides customer-proven anti-malware products and security intelligence which can leverage the NSX platform to help take security of software-defined data centers to a new level,” says Geoff Huang, senior director for product marketing: NSBU at VMware.
The application-centric model of the software-defined data, and security automation and provisioning capabilities of VMware NSX, will enable fully automated deployment and scalability of the Kaspersky Security for Virtualization.
“Deploying Kaspersky Security for Virtualization (KSV) has solved two fundamental challenges with deploying endpoint protection in LKQ’s virtual environment. Firstly, the performance cost both in I/O and CPU cycles required to run traditional endpoint protection solutions per guest host is negated as is the inevitable request “to turn off the protection for performance reasons” whether based in fact or not, and secondly the ability to deploy the KSV at the hypervisor layer without requiring a restart, avoiding the shut down and restart of thousands of guest hosts and the negotiation headache with the business and application owners that presents,” says David Matthewman, director: IT security and governance at LKQ Corporation.