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Generation Y is quickest off the mark in adopting new technology, and the most likely to make use of available devices.
These are among the findings from Forrester’s “The State of Consumers and Technology: Benchmark 2016, US” report that examines attitudes and behaviours that shape consumer technology adoption.
Forrester’s new data shows that devices are on the rise:
* In 2016 so far, 75% of US online adults use smartphones, 52% use tablets, and 32% use internet-connected TVs — up from 70%, 46%, and 25%, respectively, in 2015.
* Gen Y continues to have the highest number adopters of devices, with 85% using a smartphone, 67% using a tablet, and 42% using an internet-connected TV.
It also found that Android is more popular than iPhone:
* While Forrester data shows that Gen Z smartphone users favour iOS, older consumers prefer Android, making its device adoption slightly higher: 50% of all US smartphone users use Android, compared with 41% who use iPhone.
Meanwhile, the study shows that Facebook is the most frequently visited website:
* Some 54% of US online adults visit Facebook daily, compared with 27% for YouTube, 16% for Instagram, and 15% for Twitter.
* Comparably, Gen Z is the leading age group for Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat usage.
Another major finding was that the majority of adults consume content online:
o Among US online adults, 84% read media content (news, magazines, blogs) online; 80% watch TV, film, or video online; and 67% listen to the radio online — up from 79%, 70%, and 59%, respectively, in 2015.
o Gen Z (96%) edges out Gen Y (94%) for consuming the most TV shows, films, or videos, but Gen Y (96%) consumes more online news, magazine, and blog content than Gen Z (94%).