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RS Components is extending its portfolio of high-quality fibre-optic-cable assemblies with the addition of 90 new products from Rosenberger.
RS is the only high-service-level distributor to offer fibre-optic products from Rosenberger, which offers the highest standards of quality, functionality and availability and is recognised worldwide for providing innovative plug and cabling solutions across many sectors including telecommunications, data centres, broadcasting, building communication-infrastructure, industrial automation and Industry 4.0.
Industrial facilities are faced with a growing amount of data, enabled by increasing M2M communications. In a modern Industry 4.0 enabled factory, for example, information streams will come from many different sources, including quality checks via high-definition video, information from complex machine-control systems and mobile infotainment data. Rosenberger fibre-optic cable products offer the versatility and performance to handle these tasks.
The extensive Rosenberger portfolio offers a large variety of options including parallel optical link cable assemblies, which is a range of fibre-optic-cable assemblies terminated with MTP-female to MTP-female connections and features a flame-retardant non-corrosive low-smoke zero-halogen (FRNC-LSZH) outer jacket and 50/125μm OM3 fibres.
The PreCONNECT high-density divider cable offers six channels with 12 fibres and the divider cable is terminated with MTP to LC connectors. PreCONNECT Trunks provide up to 144 fibres. The range is ideal for use in communication cabling infrastructure applications in buildings such as offices and data centres where large amounts of data need to be transmitted quickly and securely.
The range also includes LC-to-LC fibre patch cords, which is a series of fibre-optic-cable assemblies that come supplied with LC-Duplex to LC-Duplex connectors, which are all equipped with a FRNC-LSZH jacket and come in a range of different colours and lengths.
The high-quality Rosenberger range conforms to ISO9001:2008, as well as EN50173 and ISO/IEC11801 standards. The range offers a variety of features including: simplex and duplex communications channels; core diameters of E9/125µm, 50/125µm and 900µm; fibre types including G652D, G657A, OM2, OM3 and OM4; and a range of cable length options up to 10m.