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Broadband satellite solutions provider YahClick is to partner with VT iDirect  for the introduction of Virtual Network Operator (VNO) services across YahClick’s existing footprint.

YahClick’s VNO offering is based on the industry changing capability in the VT iDirect Evolution platform and allows service partners to purchase their own bulk capacity, which they can fully manage and configure themselves to offer differentiated services. VT iDirect is a global leader in IP-based satellite communications, and the new service is targeted to meet the high Quality of Service demand of Enterprise and Government customers. The VNO service will leverage the high-speed and economical capacity of YahClick’s Ka Band network, allowing service partners full control and management of their allotted capacity.

Commenting on the introduction of the VNO service, David Murphy, Yahsat’s Chief Commercial Officer says: “This development allows service partners to gain access to high-speed and economical capacity over Ka-band, while enjoying full control and management of their allotted capacity. We are excited to be collaborating with VT iDirect on this development, offering our existing and future customers flexibility and cost effectiveness, combined with the highest levels of technical support and wide satellite broadband coverage.”

The benefits of YahClick’s VNO services are expansive and include the fact that service partners will receive Ka-band High Throughput capacity using YahClick’s Y1B satellite coverage area, which they will then be able to manage utilising the VT iDirect Platform. There are no upfront costs or CAPEX required by service partners in order to start selling YahClick VNO services, which are quick and easy to deploy and enable service partners to operate as a Satellite Network Operator.

Service Partners will also be able to commission, control and monitor their own remote sites, while designing and configuring their end to end IP network. They will have full control of their broadband satellite capacity, with the added ability to create their own service offerings.

Murphy adds: “YahClick is keen to continue expanding its product portfolio and user cases, and we believe the introduction of our VNO service will tap into new market segments and users, who will help bolster our overall offerings further. We are keen to continue delivering on our promise to offer quality, reliable, and affordable broadband satellite capacity wherever we operate.”

Additional advantages of the VNO service are that service partners receive capacity either as simple Mbps (Mega Bits per Second) or Msps (Mega Symbols per Second), while the highest Quality of Service (QoS) controls are guaranteed through the use of VT iDirect features. Service partners are empowered to create private networks, offer higher uplink speeds, and address enterprise market needs, which might extend to cellular backhaul; Internet Service Provider (ISP) offerings; rural telephony; disaster management; or distance learning.

“With the introduction of Virtual Network Operator (VNO) services across its network, YahClick is helping its service partners move into an HTS environment without the need to outlay additional capital, while retaining control over their service differentiation. This requires a VSAT platform that can minimize the infrastructure costs and increase speed to market. This is a key feature of the iDirect Evolution platform, and we are exciting to be partnering with YahClick on this important service,” says VT iDirect’s Majdi Atout, regional vice-president, Africa and Middle East.